Annual chat of post 66th year’s of republic day


This is varsha chat/annual chat of post 66th year’s of republic day. Our constitution get in existence on 26th Jan,1950, 10:19 am,place-delhi.

This varsh chat is created today 26th Jan 2016, time 10:19am, Place- Delhi.

As per annual chat/ varsha chart:
Ketu is present in Lagna which shows india will grow in coming days but Rahu is opponent which will create trouble by own people. 6th house has good combination of Jupiter + Moon..& known as Gajakeshari yoga..It indicates foreign investment. 9th lord is posted in 8th house shows terrorist activity & sudden Military action. Mars also indicate earth quake in india & neighboring country.10th house has both the good planet combination of Venus & Mercury. So, lots of Job opportunity will come for youngster,specially in technology related field,automobile,fashion & jewelery. Share market position will grow after April. Lord Sun is well sitting in 11th house clearly indicated prosperity as compare to last year.

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