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Birth Chart Analysis:

Analysis of birth chart on the basis of birth details,accurate Longitude & Latitude of Birth Place. It contains general and specific analysis of the person. It may be brief as well as detailed report.

Year Report:

Year report, which includes detailed calculation for one year with all the remedies overall.

Health Report:

Health report , which gives you instruction for your illness in specific period of planets. It also contains remedies, mantras and colors to nullify the ill effect of planets.

Love, Marriage & Match Report:

Love and marriage report, which includes love life and probability of love marriage. It also includes marriage compatibility, Horoscope Matching and remedies for harmonious marital life.

Job, Business and Career Report:

Career report, which contains right direction for job or business. It also includes ups and downs situation of career and remedies for successful career. Also get suggestion/Remedies to uplift your Professional Career or Business.

Child and Future of Child:

Family report, which can give you solution for getting child and remedies to enhance the future of your child.

Education Report:

Education Report which contains about your education prospects. Identifying the streams that you should pursue for a bright career as per chart. Proper Remedies which will help you in adverse situation.

Mangal Dosha:

Mangal Dosha Report, which includes detailed analysis of Mars dosha.Does your horoscope shows you are Mangalik? Result & Remedies of Mangal Dosha.

Single Question:

Any one question related to your horoscope/time chart Mr. Prashant will give you detailed analysis with guideline and remedial measures.

Horary or Time chart Analysis(No need of Birth Chart/Horoscope):
Preparation of Horary chart on the basis of querent’s question time,place & date , one of the oldest forms of astrology is used to answer a specific question, The Horary chart is calculated for the time the astrologer receives and understands the question. We can know the answers of any aspects of life. If anybody is not aware of his birth details/time  in this case we can know the exact answers by interpreting Horary or Time chart.

Palm & Face Reading: On the basis of Palm & Face reading we can verify the authenticity of Birth Chart including planetary combinations present in Horoscope. It helps to enhance accuracy in predictions.

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