Dear Prashant, there is no word which can express how much I admire you! Your Carrier report gave me goose bumps and it`s been 20 min since I read it and I still have those goose bumps.. Everything you said is entirely true. Based on all answers I got from you so far – you are the best astrologer I have ever come across so far.



Prashant’s accuracy is just astounding! I have been studying astrology for many years and have never run across an astrologer with such clear insight. You will receive a personalized reading that will blow you away. Unlike many astrologers, he does not make vague statements that could apply to any person, nor does he sugar-coat things and tell you what you want to hear. You can trust that you will get an unbiased answer to your questions, but with compassionate advice and respect to boot. Thanks, Prashant!


Your website is the first astrology website that really provide me the service in replying my enquiries. Once again, I want to express thank you to you for taking the effort in replying my question.


Dear Sir, Few Months back I had asked a question to you that will I get select in interview & I also told you that I have no birth chart. Sir, you answer me accurately through hoary that you will get selected. Same day I heard from Employer that I got selected though interview was not up to the mark.

Sharda,New Delhi

I just wanted to let you know that you were right I was pregnant Yeah!!!!!!! I have been trying a long time. Last Month we got twins

Rita Bhattarjee,Dhanbad

Dear Prashant, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your reply really really help me a lot, you must be a truly amazing man. God bless you, and may the loving light be forever with you.

I have predicted many events accurately, recently few some are as below


TOQ:-07:14 AM

So,i predicted that she will surely pass & she got selected.

I himself asked that will my wife pass the Lic examination. So, i rotate the chart 7th as lagna. She has to get minimum 25 marks to qualify the examination.
In this type of examination 4th sub lord is placed in the star of direct motion planet & it signifies 4 & 11.(as per suresh suhasane book,Hindi) & also 4,9,11,6 houses sub lord(As per KP navratna mala 2,Sri Tin Win Ji). All the Sub lord of the concern house Signify strongly 4,9,6,11. DBA & Ruling planet also confirm this.
Result:-So,i predicted that she will surely pass & she got selected.

TOQ:-10:49 PM

He was selected

I himself analyze that will my friend select in interview on tomorrow.So,i rotate the chart 11th as lagna.For interview(2,6,10,11).6th Sub lord is Moon which confirms question is genuine.Moon signify 2,6 house.2nd sub lord Ketu signify 2,6. 10th & 11th sub lord Saturn signify 2,6,10,11.Here Saturn is the Sub lord of Moon.6th star lord is Sun & Moon is the star lord of Sun.Moon is also sub lord of Mars,as Mars is the star lord of 11th house.
In that time Mercury come 4 times as Ruling planet. So, i told him to lighten one candle to lord Ganesha before going to interview.
Result:-He was selected.

TOB-8:25 PM

He is working in finance sector.

I predicted through Vedic method that person is working in finance(account) area. Because 10th lord in Dasmansa kundali is Mars. Mars is in 8th house with Rahu & venus in virgo Rasi.
Result:-He is working in finance sector.

TOB-10:55 PM

He is working as Medical transcriptor.

I told him that you are working in Medical or accounts field. As per KP his 10th sub lord & star lord is Ketu.6th star lord is also ketu.The Sub lord of Ketu is Ketu.6th sub lord is Venus & Mars is the sub lord of venus.
Result:-He is working as Medical transcriptor. 


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